Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Reprocessed Wool

With it being wool coat season- we thought you would be interested in the difference between virgin wool and reprocessed wool which are two of the most common terms used by Pea Coat manufacturers. It is interesting to note that the terms were defined by the wool products labeling act of 1939!

Virgin wool aka new wool, all wool, 100% wool means wool that have never been woven or felted.

Reprocessed wool is recycled or reused wool that has previously been made into woven or felted fabric but never worn by the consumer. Reprocessed wool comes from the cuttings from garment manufacturers.

See http://www.britannica.com/facts/11/805411/reprocessed-wool-as-discussed-in-wool

From a practical point of view the only differences that I see is the 100% wool feels softer in the hand.

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